The general purpose of VIRGO is to propose operational mathematical tools, based on the viability theory, for the sustainable management of coupled infrastructure systems within the IAD (Institutional and Analysis Development) framework. This project is clearly interdisciplinary (at the frontier between political sciences, applied mathematics and environmental sciences) and relies on on-going collaborations not only with other teams of the institute of the PI (IRSTEA) but also with international teams. Two case studies will be studied in this project: the water management of an irrigation system located in Nepal and the management of an uneven-aged forest located in France. The main outcome of this project is the development of a new operational tool (mainly technical guidelines) for helping policy-makers in their decision process.

Type of funding scheme:  JCJC/Young researchers

ANR contribution: 166 967 euros

Scheduled duration of the project: 42 months

Name of the principal investigator (PI): Jean-Denis Mathias